RH-STAYFRESH 62% – 63 GRAM (12-PK)

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RH Stayfresh was created by a team lead by a Ph.D. in chemistry as a modern way to keep pharmaceutical products humidified without cross contamination and leakage – a key problem inherent in older humidification pack technology.

The result is RH Stayfresh, the new standard in humidity control. It addresses the need to keeping tobacco fresh, at the ideal humidity and prevent damage due to mold, excess moisture and moisture loss.

Our patent-pending, proprietary technology utilizes a natural plant-based material in multiple layered sheets, which are treated with our proprietary formulation and compressed into a flexible membrane. It acts similar to a “sponge” to provide true two-way humidity control.

Via osmosis, RH STAYFRESH will either add or remove humidity to ensure peak freshness with zero risk of contamination or impact to taste.

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