The Crypt Storage Jar – M (1.9OZ)

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  • SEE THE FRESHNESS – Built in Hygrometer on the lid gives you peace of mind in knowing exactly the humidity and temperature of your herbs at all times. Know exactly when it’s time to change your humidity pack.
  • FEEL THE FRESHNESS – With humidity pack holder, never have dry crusty herbs again. Air tight jar with the help of a humidity pack can even help restore a dried out stash to its former glory.
  • PROTECT THE FRESHNESS – Locking function keeps your stash safe from kids, roommates, and sticky fingers. Food grade stainless steel keeps stash safe from UV light.
  • BONUS FRESHNESS – Packed with accessories! The humidity pack holder carousel allows for you to keep up to 4 different types or strains of herbs separated within the jar. The bonus lock keeps it safe.

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